Professional solutions for your property's management needs

Homeowners FAQs

I own a home that I would like to rent out, how can you help?

We take care of everything necessary to successfully manage your home. We manage your home as if it was our own. We will meet with you to discuss your needs, provide you with a realistic rent, as well as ways to help maximize your rental income. We take care of all advertising, showings, lease agreements, tenant credit and reference checks. Once a tenant is placed, we provide you with monthly financials, regular property inspections, as well as direct deposit payments.

What is the procedure to receive a free rental analysis?

Our Free Rental Price Analysis report helps us see what you should be charging for rent. Our rental prices analysis takes local rental market factors into account, including square footage, room details, area rental rates, market trends, neighborhood variables and local comps. In order to be more accurate in the rental analysis, we will evaluate your property with a personal tour where we pay close attention to key elements like property condition and preparation, amenities, length of lease and other factors. From there, we will provide you with an expert opinion on rental price.

What are your fees?

Our fees vary based on the type of property, services required and number of properties managed by our team. We charge 1 months rent for the tenant placement (no upfront fee, fee is only collected once the tenant is placed). Our fees range from 8-10% for the monthly tenant management (only when there's a tenant in the property). We also offer discounts on multi-unit properties so call us today to discuss.

How fast will my property take to rent?

We place tenants everyday, our focus is on quality and all potential tenants go through a thorough screening process. We pride ourselves on providing quality candidates to you as a homeowner. Our tenant matching process is very selective, completely comprehensive and fully rest-assured-worthy. Our average time for delivering on tenant placement is between 20-30 days. Within 24 hours of our agreement, we will schedule a professional photoshoot of your home and then we market your property websites to connect your property with countless potential renters.

Do you guarantee finding a tenant within a certain time-frame?

We cannot guarantee a tenant within a certain amount of time. The rental process should not be rushed. Who you pick as a tenant is very important, and it should not necessarily be the first person who applies. Our marketing tactics, combined with our relationships with various realtors, embassies, and government departments, allow us to reach a wide range of potential applicants.

Why choose Ottawa Property Managers?

Why sell your home for a small, one-time gain when you can leverage your rental property for future wealth? We know the rental business. From marketing and management to maintenance and renewing, our focus is helping you have a smooth, profitable rental experience.

How are repairs handled?

Before doing any repairs, we require the homeowners authorization. If a repair is urgent and communication with the homeowner cannot be made, common sense is used and the necessary repairs are made. Ottawa Property Managers only works with licensed and insured trades people.

What do we do before a new tenant moves in?

a) We conduct a unit condition report with all new tenants. This report details the condition of the unit on the 1st day they move in. This report is used for reference when they decide to move out.
b) Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will be checked to ensure they are in working condition.
c) Furnace filters will be replaced. (Per the terms of our lease agreements, tenants are required to replace them regularly)
d) If desired, locks will be re-keyed to ensure tenant security

How are damage deposits accepted?

In the Province of Ontario, damage deposits are not allowed to be accepted. Security deposits which can be held as the lasts months rent is allowable but it has to be applied towards the last month's payment and nothing else.

What are my tax benefits of using a property management company?

Renting out your property and working with our property management team is a great way to add income and reduce your personal taxes. Potential tax deductions can include: management fees, maintenance costs, depreciation, travel and legal fees, and interest.

Tenant FAQs

How do I apply to become a tenant for one of your property?

Once you found a property that you like, contact us to schedule a showing. If you are interested, please ask our showing coordinator to send you an online application that you can fill from a phone/tablet/computer or send us an email at to request the application.

Who will be managing my home?

The home will be taking care of by our professional property management team here at Ottawa Property Managers to make sure all your needs a taken care of.

Who will take care of maintenance requests?

We will coordinate maintenance requests and get confirmation from the homeowner on approvals for any repairs—which means you don’t have to.

How do I pay rent?

We process your rental payments with our online payment system. You can set up your tenant portal in a few minutes and schedule a one-time payment or automatic reccuding payments on the 1st of each month to never forget a payment (the system is free to use). We help make the process as easy as possible!

What are my tenant's rights?

Please find all of the information on this subject in the Ontario Landlords and Tenant Board It is a fairly lengthy document but well worth reading for all owners and tenants.